At SubAqua Souvenirs we develop and produce the best souvenirs of the marine environment, coastal towns, major cities, beaches, lighthouses, exotic locations, iconic tourist attractions and wildlife by an Australian for the general public. SubAqua Souvenirs covers a wide range of themes to take the retailer, consumer and tourist to a new level above, below and beyond.

Howard Warren’s passion for photography above below and beyond the waterline began in 1992 with the launch of Subaqua Photographics promoting his adventures from the deep series of posters and postcards. More souvenirs began to follow. As his client base grew across several states more images and increased demand for his work saw the release of greeting cards, stubby coolers, and framed digital prints. Then the biggest challenge to produce a new world first. Send a Message TM IS the only message mailing bottle where you can post someone a message in a mailing bottle to anywhere in the world. Covering the Australian East coast, thousands have been sent from our most iconic tourist locations featuring cities, towns wildlife including our most iconic tourist attractions. It’s the only message bottle where the retailer may feature the best features of their town including their own business prompting the receiver to visit when next in the area. Even abstract beach and kombi van designs for coastal towns have been designed. Then another big challenge. To produce a local world-first featuring something big. After making various souvenirs for many big things. Howard suddenly saw a unique opportunity. For another first series on Australia’s Big Things. The Bigs of Oz was born acquiring new images and showcasing a prototype design Howard blazed his own unique bigs trail across 5 states and the ACT. Capturing photos of various Big Things at each location which was divided into categories of different bigs that would appear in the first edition. Overtime and working with his graphic arts and prepress team and obtaining opinions from customers the final design was completed. A range of 6 products is available and the trail of big things Howard blazed became his labor of love now sold at over 100 locations and growing. The Bigs of OZ series is ready for everyone who loves the Big Things of OZ.